What is Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Society is played in Western North Carolina and throughout the world. Visit the global Pathfinder Society site for further details.

Pathfinder Society (PFS) is an organization of adventurers building an epic reputation as explorers, monster slayers, and archaeologists. Cracking open the world of Golarion as envisioned and built by Paizo, Inc., PFS Organized Play offers an opportunity for fantasy role-playing in a structured and consistent gaming environment, worldwide! With the aid of other bold adventurers, explore and discover an ancient world filled with wondrous magic and beset with unnameable evils. Discover the great mysteries that await in the world of Pathfinder!

How do I get involved?

We host 30+ tables of PFS in Western North Carolina monthly, and also run Pathfinder Society at local conventions throughout the year with 40-50 tables on a single weekend.  We have games at these FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Stores) at least once a month:

Warhorn Logo

All our our games are listed for signup on Warhorn. It is best to reserve your seat before coming.

All our scheduling across WNC takes place centralized on Warhorn. Plan on showing up early (and letting us know) if you want help rolling up a character, though we have pre-generated characters if you just want to jump into the action right away before making a PC.

We suggest making a Warhorn account and reserving a seat for an upcoming game day instead of just showing up. While we do our best to make sure we have enough GMs to handle people arriving without signing up and try to never turn any players away, it is first-come first-serve if we have more than expected turnout.

What if I have questions?

Season 7 Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide

The first place to start is the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide.  This PDF contains everything you need to know to get started, and orients you on creating your first character.  The guide not only explains everything about Pathfinder Society to get started, it is also followed all over the world with every PFS group. This is why you can take the character you make in Asheville and play it at a table in Boston, Australia, or even in the middle of the desert.

We are a friendly group, and new players are always welcome.  We know that starting out can be hard.  Feel free to use the website’s contact form, or join our Facebook group to ask questions.

Another resource for getting your questions answered is the (very active) Pathfinder Society forums on the Paizo site.  Players and GMs from around the world ask and answer questions there at all times of day and night.

What if I’ve never played a Roleplaying Game before?

Some of our friendly local GMs giving a lesson on Golarion history.

Some of our friendly local GMs (From right to left: Kevin and Justin) giving a lesson on Golarion history.

We are happy to help.  Pathfinder can seem very complex in the beginning, but we will be there to help you get oriented.  You don’t have to know to start knowing about about the world (called Golarion).  Pathfinder missions will take place all over the inner sea region, and you’ll learn about the world’s background as you go along.  As Pathfinder Society is very episodic and the “episodes” (we call them scenarios) can be played in any order, they always start with an introduction that will orient you on the mission, the plot that you need to know about, and the geography of the world.

The pregenerated characters all come with a 1/2 page background that lets you jump right in and begin playing them.  Your own character will have whatever background you’d like to give them!