The Goblinblood Dead (April 4, 2014, Friday night)

A Sczarni caravan route through the Chitterwood needs protecting, as recent attacks have disrupted reputable and disreputable trading! VC Drandle Dreng sends the party to discover who is behind the attacks and put an end to the interruption in business. The Party (playing at tier 1-2) Bodhi – Aasamir Oracle surfer bro. Kalila – Rakshaka Sorceress with mind controlling powers Selden – Human Cleric of Desna Gorak – Aspiring Hellknight half-orc

Rats of Round Mountain Part 1 and 2 (March 15, 2014, all day) 1

Aram Zay sends a group of pathfinders into the Hao Jin Tapestry to make diplomatic contact with a group of ratfolk in Round Mountain, a powerful clan whose power stretches far across the tapestry. Also, intelligence reports that the Aspis Consortium are trying to do the same – so stop those agents  from making their own agreements with the ratfolk. These scenarios were run by Michael.