Wyvern’s Tale

And yet again …

What’s going on this weekend … I seem to get asked that a lot for some reason. Probably because I always answer the question. Well no more, I tell you! No more! I’m going to start just … oh who the hell am I kidding. Here’s what’s going on this weekend.   Friday September 12 12:30pm-4:30pm Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible – This season 1 scenario is for tier 1-5. So an Aspis agent is jacking shipments of relics, artifacts, and what not on the island of Jalmeray. They even went so far as to kill a Venture […]

another game week, another post …

What’s going on this week? I’m not sure you really want to know what’s going on this week. But just to humor you. LOTS! Friday August 15, 2014 12:30pm-4:30PM The Infernal Vaults – In this season 2 dungeon crawl, you’ll have to have your wits about you, as things aren’t what they seem.  Of course not, as this little adventure involves Cheliax and treason!  (surprise, surprise…)  It is currently empty. 530pm-930pm Delirium’s Tangle – This season 1 scenario is for tier 1-5. Way before Torch did what he did (and you know what I’m talking about), he called in a favor […]

Announcing Scarefest, 2014

The Asheville Pathfinder Society is holding the the 2nd annual Scarefest Mini-con at the Wyvern’s tale October 24th, 25th and 26th.   The Wyvern’s Tale is opening early to allow us to run 35+ tables of PFS over the weekend. There will be no cover charge, but we hope that you’ll support our FLGS during the weekend.  We are  looking to make this year even better than last year, and hope to have a food truck and another round of our highly successful Costume Contest. (Everyone that comes dressed up gets an extra roll for a boon!)

Scarefest 2014

Upcoming games and whatnot … ’cause I know you’re interested 2

Hey there Pathfinders. I bet some of you are asking yourselves “what’s going on this weekend?” … Well, look no further. For here is an assortment of events to fill your weekend! Well, your Friday and Saturday at any rate.   Friday August 1 12:30pm-4:30pm The Midnight Mauler – This season 3 scenario is for tier 3-7. The Decemvirate sends you to the mist-shrouded land of Ustalav to find out what happened to the former Pathfinder Society Master of Blades. In the course of your assignment, you encounter murder most foul … and unnatural. Of course, what else would you […]

Happy Fourth of July … and here’s what’s happening this weekend.

So first, happy Fourth of July. Second, once you get done reading this post, go out and enjoy the holiday! I plan on hitting a pool as soon as I am done posting this, so then let’s get on with it! Friday July 4 No gaming scheduled. Did you not read the second sentence above. Go outside and have fun! Saturday July 5 12:30pm – 4:30pm Master of the Fallen Fortress – This Free RPG Day module is for 1st level PCs (which means you can play it for credit over and over and over and … you get the […]

What’s going on this weekend? Have you been under a rock or something??!?!

Seriously. This weekend is a weekend of gaming of all sorts. Saturday is FREE RPG DAY after all! What? You didn’t know?? How in the 9 layers of … OK here’s your rundown. Friday June 20 (TODAY) 12:30pm – 4:30pm The Devil We Know, Part IV: Rules of the Swift – Last of the Devil We Know story arc, this tier 1-7 season 1 scenario has you exploring an abandoned prison in Cassomir with an Aspis agent. Abandoned prisons are never good place to be … right up there with abandoned asylums and free floating luxury liners from the turn […]

What’s happening this Weekend (April 11th and 12th 2014 edition)

So here’s what we have going on this weekend FRIDAY APRIL 11, 2014 1230pm-430pm Shades of Ice, Part III: Keep of the Huscarl King – This season 2 scenario for tiers 1-5 has your PCs searching the Realm of the Mammoth Lords for and Ulfen King’s burial crypt to find a weapon of immense power. Problem is, you may not be the only ones looking for it. This table currently has 1 open seat. 530pm-930pm Silent Tide – This season 0 scenario for tiers 1-5 has the PCs dealing with undead in Absalom. Welcome to the Puddles district, Pathfinders. This table is currently full. […]