Dain at Paizocon 2015

Dain is enjoying the Memorial Day weekend in Seattle at PaizoCon 2015.  Every good Pathfinder Agent takes “Explore, Report Cooperate very seriously, so sent this photograph of the main PFS ballroom back to those of us in WNC who are unable to attend.

Just for Fun: Shadow Lodge Faction Journal Card

With the release of Paizo’s well received “Faction Journal Cards“,  we thought it might be fun to imagine what a Shadow Lodge version of this card would look like.  This is an example (not legal for play) card with some ideas of how the Shadow Lodge could work in Pathfinder Society.   I’m quite pleased with the idea that it is an additional card, as you are a secret agent, with a cover faction (You have two faction cards, though you can’t benefit from both completely) v1.4: Many typos and text clarity fixes by Chris Hamilton. v1.5: Typos and Text […]