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The Beggar’s Pearl (April 12, 2014, Saturday night)

VC Brackett sends the party into the Aspodell Mountains with recovered items stolen from a dwarf named Torvic. The party is to return the items to Torvic and, if possible, negotiate access to the famous dwarven forge, the Gallery of Wonders. The Party (playing in Tier 3-4) Seldon Severies, hippie cleric of Desna Gaeldriel, elven ranger with a longbow Gorak, orcish Hellknight-to-be Kobbi, teller of Osiriani tales Mihr, Aasimar defender of the innocent

glowing relief of the door from Lord of the Rings, Mines of Moria

shadowed figure holding a finger to her lips in a "hush" gesture

Silent Tide (April 11, 2014, Friday night) 2

A notebook containing signals from a failed Taldan invasion has resurfaced in the posession of noted historian Yargos Gill. On a spooky, foggy night, VC Adril Hestram sends you to Gill’s favourite eatery to retrieve the codebook, but it seems Pathfinders are not the only group interested in the secrets it may contain, and its connection to the mists flooding the city. The Party (playing in Tier 1-2) Sir Charles Chesterson, the dashing blade Seldon Severies, hippie traveling cleric Halli, fiery Hellknight-in-training Gorak, orcish Hellknight-to-be

Magical Light and Darkness 1

[The grand auditorium at the Pathfinder Lodge in Absalom is full to bursting with Pathfinders of all races and classes.  In the center of the room, on the raised platform that comprises the stage, stands Aram Zey, the Pathfinder Society’s Master of Spells.] “Pathfinders, your lives are fraught with peril.  You know this, yet like lumbering morons, you continue to adventure blindly with nary a thought spent on how to keep yourselves alive. Though you crave battle with fearsome dragons and beasts from the pit, most of you will not fall to the claws of some monstrosity or fiendish abomination. […]

History and Lore of Golarion — The Pathfinder Society

[The weather in Absalom is beginning to turn back to warmer temperatures, which is fortunate for you.  Venture-Captain Kreighton Shaine has never been one for an indoor class, and today is no exception.  The garden in the Grand Lodge is beautiful and green, as it ever is, thanks to the druids, and today, a lesson has been called for all Pathfinder agents, whether initiates, fully confirmed agents, or even retired seekers, to attend.]