Free RPG Day, 2015


Join us for Free RPG Day 2015

Save the Date, Free RPG Day 2015 is on June 20th, and we will be running… Tables and Tables of  the new We be Goblins special, “We Be Goblins Free”.  As this is a shared event with other games at the Wyvern’s Tale, we will be using the Wyvern’s Tale Warhorn instead of our own. for this event (and this event only).  Other PFS events before and after will use our usual Warhorn.

Sign up now, seating will be ~very~ limited.  We plan on running 2 tables in the morning and 2 tables in the evening. Try out one of the other RPG games in the other slot!

The “We Be Goblins” series lets you play Goblins instead of your regular characters for a single game.  You still get a chronicle sheet you can apply to a regular character, but it lets you step out of the role of a Pathfinder Agent, and into the hilarity of a small goblin causing trouble throughout Varisia.  No one should be stuck in the the mind of a goblin for all of their roleplaying career (we here that can cause permanent damage), but is a welcome respite from “Explore, Report and Cooperate” for an afternoon.

Come join us, Seats are limited!

We Be Goblins Free, the new Free RPG Day special by Paizo.

We Be Goblins Free, the new Free RPG Day special by Paizo.

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