Faction Journal Cards!

If you haven’t had a chance to read up on John Compton’s blog post over on Paizo, take a moment to do so now.  Big changes to the factions!  We will attempt to have high quality printouts (on cardstock) of the new factions journal cards at all of our events, free of charge for you to pick up and use.

All of our GMs are ready to tick off your completed missions at the end of the session along with the other paperwork.  Remember, bring your faction card, and complete some missions for the glory of you faction!

If you are interested in having a little fun, check out our “Shadow Lodge” journal card, which, while it isn’t legal (Shadow lodge has gone away), is an example of what the a Shadow lodge card would look like.  Please Note: You can’t actually use this in play.

UPDATE (2015-08-01):  Season 7 faction cards have been released just days before Gencon.  Download the the faction cards, and you will now see both the season 6 and 7 cards.  If your character has a season 6 version you can continue to use it, as well as the season 7 version.  You can still only check one box per scenario played.


Also, the factions all got new logos, which you can see here:

Stop over at Paizo to read about all the factions, if you want more details.

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