Announcing Scarefest, 2014

Scarefest 2014

2014 Scarefest Logo, Sci-fi/Fantasy for Season 6!

The Asheville Pathfinder Society is holding the the 2nd annual Scarefest Mini-con at the Wyvern’s tale October 24th, 25th and 26th.   The Wyvern’s Tale is opening early to allow us to run 35+ tables of PFS over the weekend.

There will be no cover charge, but we hope that you’ll support our FLGS during the weekend.  We are  looking to make this year even better than last year, and hope to have a food truck and another round of our highly successful Costume Contest. (Everyone that comes dressed up gets an extra roll for a boon!)

Friday’s Main Event: On Friday Night we will run the Season 5 closing Special, “Legacy of the Stonelords.”  This is a multi-table event where all tables are playing the same game (at different tiers), and the successes and failures at your table can help or hinder the other tables.  If you have never played in a PFS special, this is one not to miss

Saturday’s early slots are some of the scariest (and/or hardest!) horror based scenarios we could dig up from the archives of past PFS seasons.  Expect the walking dead, ancient spirits, mist shrouded ghost fleets, and many more things that go bump in the night!

Saturday’s Main Event (Yes, 2 Main Events!): On Saturday evening, don’t miss out on the “The Paths We Choose“, another special that ends the factions as we know them, and reintroduces them as the new Season 6 factions.  This scenario, while a special, is only for characters of levels 3-7.  So choose your favorite character and faction and make sure you have them in tier for a night of gaming that changes the Pathfinder Society forever.  Tables will be mustered by faction, so you’ll be seated at a table with your fellow faction members to experience the unique story of your faction’s transformation

Sunday’s games are all the new and fresh Season 6 scenarios, focusing our lodge solidly in the Year of the Sky Key.

The games are up on the Warhorn now, space is limited, go sign up!

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