The Horn of Aroden (June 7, 2014) 2


Poor Joffery... err, Lander! If only he could get his way!

Poor Joffery… err, Lander! If only he could get his way!

For months Taldor faction leader Lady Gloriana Morilla has mustered a small army to aid the Mendevian Crusade; however, without a powerful, unifying icon to rally around, progress is slow. When her agents learned of a dormant relic that might be awakened, she petitioned the Pathfinder Society for its aid in recovering this so-called Horn of Aroden, knowing that the Society would benefit from her army’s hastened arrival. The PCs travel to Brevoy, a fragmented land of dueling, cold, and conquest to secure this horn, though in doing so they join an ongoing plot of politics and intrigue.

The Party (playing Tier 1-2, run by Michael Tracy)

  • Roy Drake – human dual-weapon Fighter.
  • Skiven – Viking Barbarian/Fighter.
  • Glandin – Ulfen Bloodrager, gruff in attitude
  • Darwin Springleaf – Elven cleric of Eristil
  • Yepa – Elven witch from the frozen north.

The good:

  • Battle bunny! The witches’ familiar charged into battle dealing little non-lethal damage, but successfully coup-de-gras multiple enemies.
  • Lots and lots of shaken conditions being applied!
  • Successfully bringing Lander around by ***spoiler removed***
  • Some moral quandaries at the end deciding what to do about some large birds.
  • The session laster the entire slot! The other times I’ve seen this scenario played it was over in 2 hours (but that might explain why a prestige was lost!)

The bad:

  • Playing down with one 4th level character trivialized the combats, but they were still fun!
  • Nothing really bad happened this scenario, at least not to the players!

A scenario on the weak side for combat, but lots of good RP opportunities if you take the initiative to participate. Thanks Michael for running this game!

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