Silent Tide (April 11, 2014, Friday night) 2

shadowed figure holding a finger to her lips in a "hush" gesture

“You’ll wake the dead!”

A notebook containing signals from a failed Taldan invasion has resurfaced in the posession of noted historian Yargos Gill. On a spooky, foggy night, VC Adril Hestram sends you to Gill’s favourite eatery to retrieve the codebook, but it seems Pathfinders are not the only group interested in the secrets it may contain, and its connection to the mists flooding the city.

The Party (playing in Tier 1-2)

  • Sir Charles Chesterson, the dashing blade
  • Seldon Severies, hippie traveling cleric
  • Halli, fiery Hellknight-in-training
  • Gorak, orcish Hellknight-to-be


  • Sir Charles buckles his swash straight to the top
  • Seldon figures out the exact height and mathematical angle needed to save the entire rest of the party
  • Halli swan-dives into the sea to save the hostages
  • Gorak one-shots everything he hits


  • “Hold on. Did you just say they’re holding scythes?!”
  • Sir Charles greatest and quietest battle
  • 4 AoOs per round doesn’t help when you don’t roll above an 8
  • 3d6 falling damage!

The first PFS scenario is still a deadly one, but is great way to prepare players for the dangers that happen unrelated to combat. Make sure you compensate for that armor check penalty!

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2 thoughts on “Silent Tide (April 11, 2014, Friday night)

  • Paul Maplesden

    Haha! They were never able to thwart me! I smote each and every one of the Rapscallions! Haha! (Note to self: Rapier less than ideal weapon vs. skeletons)