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[The weather in Absalom is beginning to turn back to warmer temperatures, which is fortunate for you.  Venture-Captain Kreighton Shaine has never been one for an indoor class, and today is no exception.  The garden in the Grand Lodge is beautiful and green, as it ever is, thanks to the druids, and today, a lesson has been called for all Pathfinder agents, whether initiates, fully confirmed agents, or even retired seekers, to attend.]

Master of Scrolls, Venture-Captain Kreighton Shaine

“Greetings, Pathfinders.  We approach the change of seasons, and with it, a new beginning to all the gods’ wonders.  And what better way to celebrate such wonderful new beginnings, than with a lesson of our own.  Today, I wish to teach you all about our beginnings, the beginnings of the Pathfinder Society.  It all began here, in the beginning of the Age of Enthronement, when Aroden the Living God raised the Starstone from its resting place deep in the Inner Sea.  A man then, his reward for this mighty act was to be enthroned as a God.  He founded a city to serve as the seat of his power, and that city was called Absalom.  The City at the Center of the World.  Absalom and its people remained faithful to Aroden, even while Cayden Cailean drunkenly ascended Himself into Godhood, and Iomedae, Aroden’s Herald, with the strength of her faith and purpose, set out to complete Her great rite.  Worship of Aroden was greater here in Absalom than anywhere else in Golarion, save the mighty empire of Taldor.

In the 4307th year of that era, a group of adventurers drank away their cares and their earnings, in a pub called the Pig’s Paunch.  Though no great masters themselves, this group of adventurers birthed what has become one of the greatest organizations of the ages–our very own Pathfinder Society.  The Grand Lodge saw its construction a few short years later, and as the organization journeyed and spread, we saw adventures from across Golarion join our ranks.  We petitioned the Osiriani and were allowed to explore their great monuments, the ziggurats and relics of their God-Kings.  The outlaw-worshippers of Sarenrae, survivors of the Great Purge, sought refuge in Absalom, and Qadira offered funding and support to its lost travelers.  We watched the war between Taldor and what would become Cheliax, though we took no part in it ourselves, and sent no agents into the conflict.  When it was finished, we welcomed both Taldan and Chelish adventurers alike, mitigating conflicts between them as needed.

For three centuries, the Pathfinder Society flourished and grew in both influence and reputation.  The Decemvirate led the Society, and while not always wisely or rightly, they did so courageously and with great purpose, and the Society grew stronger for their lead.  Disaster struck us along with the rest of Golarion when Aroden fell, and the Age of Lost Omens began.  We watched as Cheliax, only recently independent and free of its war with Taldor, turned upon itself and dove into diabolism, anxious to find any trace of their beloved Aroden.  We saw the war that erupted, as the lost diviners of Aroden rejected the devils, and set about founding the nation of Andoran.  Again, we did not intervene, but welcomed Chelish and Andoran alike into our ranks.  Osirion, calling upon our ancient contracts, tasked the Society with the exploration and recovery of the relics lost in the great cataclysms which have plagued this era of our lives.  All the while, the Society has remained streadfast throughout the hardships of this era, and today, I welcome all Pathfinders, young and old, Chelish and Taldan, and our newest members of the Sczarni Silver Crusade, an organization eager to help the Society recover relics and offer assistance where our presence might otherwise be less than welcomed, and a noble group led from our own Absalom, who seek to set the wrongs of this age right for all–not just the great empires which can offer payment, but the poor citizens of Golarion who bear the greatest of our burdens.

To you, the newest generation of Pathfinders, I bid a hearty salute.  You have accomplished many great deeds in these past years, and defended Golarion from threats through and through.  You are making history, even as I speak, and one day, I will return to this garden stage, where I will teach the next generation of Pathfinders the stories you have created.

Huzzah, Pathfinders!  You have overcome pasts filled with war and tragedy, conflicts with your brethren, and furthered the noble goals of our organization.  To you, Pathfinders, I say again:  Huzzah!

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