Evergreens & Beer 3!

Join us for a 3 day con at the Moonshine Creek Campground (just a mile from the Blue Ridge Parkway) in Western NC that incorporates gaming, grilling, campfires, and BEER! While there are many PFS & SFS replayable scenarios featured, there are other options as well. This event is run with the support of many local breweries, and each year we host a special with a few extra…”rules”. However, we are family friendly and accommodate those who enjoy alcohol free gaming also. More details on the Warhorn Page.

After Action Report: Seekerpalooza 2018

Once again, Seekers from all over the South East travelled to Montreat Confernence Center for high tier play.  Topping out at 52 tables over the four day event, three tables completed “All for Immortality”, and two tables finished “Eyes of the Ten”  Many games of Academy of Secrets, Witchwar Legacy and other high level modules were played.

Dain at Paizocon 2015

Dain is enjoying the Memorial Day weekend in Seattle at PaizoCon 2015.  Every good Pathfinder Agent takes “Explore, Report Cooperate very seriously, so sent this photograph of the main PFS ballroom back to those of us in WNC who are unable to attend.

So long and Thanks for all the Cards.

Jake Dodd has resigned from his post as Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Venture Lieutenant for the Asheville region. Thanks, Jake, for all your hard work getting the card game off the ground in the Asheville Area.  Your efforts are appreciated and will be missed.

Welcome to Combat Maneuvers 101 1

Welcome to Combat Maneuvers 101! Since you’re in this class, I assume you’ve learned the basics of melee fighting, and you’re looking for some tricks to keep up your sleeve when your basic swordplay isn’t quite cutting it. You can’t always depend on your wizard friend to set you up, nor should you; a true Pathfinder creates his or her own opportunities. I’ll be showing you how. Now keep in mind that this is just a survey class. Unless you do some intensive training and pick up the Improved feat for your chosen maneuver, you’re liable to open yourself up […]

Free RPG Day, 2015

Save the Date, Free RPG Day 2015 is on June 20th, and we will be running… Tables and Tables of  the new We be Goblins special, “We Be Goblins Free”.  As this is a shared event with other games at the Wyvern’s Tale, we will be using the Wyvern’s Tale Warhorn instead of our own. for this event (and this event only).  Other PFS events before and after will use our usual Warhorn.

Faction Journal Cards!

If you haven’t had a chance to read up on John Compton’s blog post over on Paizo, take a moment to do so now.  Big changes to the factions!  We will attempt to have high quality printouts (on cardstock) of the new factions journal cards at all of our events, free of charge for you to pick up and use. All of our GMs are ready to tick off your completed missions at the end of the session along with the other paperwork.  Remember, bring your faction card, and complete some missions for the glory of you faction! If you […]

Summer Module Series, 2015

Biweekly throughout the Summer up till GenCon, opposite the normal Grand Lodge weekends, we are going to be offering a special series of Modules for your enjoyment at the Wyvern’s Tale.  Seating is limited, as we are only running one game a slot, so sign up early and beat the summer heat with some swords and sorcery at the Wyvern’s Tale from 12:00 – 6:00 on select Sundays: Sunday, May 31  – GM: Michael Tracey – As far down Emerald Spire as the party can make it:  Bring  a new first level character (or two, that first level is a doozy!), […]

Just for Fun: Shadow Lodge Faction Journal Card

With the release of Paizo’s well received “Faction Journal Cards“,  we thought it might be fun to imagine what a Shadow Lodge version of this card would look like.  This is an example (not legal for play) card with some ideas of how the Shadow Lodge could work in Pathfinder Society.   I’m quite pleased with the idea that it is an additional card, as you are a secret agent, with a cover faction (You have two faction cards, though you can’t benefit from both completely) v1.4: Many typos and text clarity fixes by Chris Hamilton. v1.5: Typos and Text […]