Venture Staff

Appalachian Pathfinder Lodge’s Venture Captain, James Becker (Luth)

Our Venture Captain

Our Venture Captain

James was one of the initial group that would evolve into the Asheville Pathfinder Lodge (affectionately known as the APL). During those heady days of having our first organized meeting be the last in the first location (Blitzkrieg Games closed unexpectedly the week after we had our first organized game day), James hung in there with the rest of the die hards, moving from location to location until we found our current main home at the Wyvern’s Tale and became a member of the local Decemvirate, a group of players who took the reigns to organize the events and plan for future Lodge activities.

Within that first year, we had a local Venture Captain in the form of Paul Trani who led this ragtag band of gamers until he moved to the Land of Hobbits, New Zealand. With that move came a crucial question: Who would fill Paul’s shoes upon his departure? Most of the folks who were asked declined, not wanting to take on the work nor wanting to follow up on Paul’s strong start as the regional VC. Then James was asked and he said yes (probably before realizing the full implications of submitting the application and accepting the position … which turned out to be a good thing).

Soon after becoming Asheville’s VC in the summer of 2013, James organized Asheville’s first homegrown convention, Scarefest.  With over 20 tables, it was the largest event run by the APL to that date, and it’s success led to an increase in interest in Society Play in the area.

  • Favorite Scenario to run: anything which causes PC fatalities … not really … but yeah … sometimes
  • Favorite overused quote: The Lord says he can get me out of this mess, but he’s pretty sure you’re &@#^%@!   — braveheart
  • Most Annoying Character:  Lev, the slimy Sczarni kid.

Besides organizing Pathfinder, James spends his time raising a family in the beautiful mountains of WNC.

Appalachian Pathfinder Lodge Venture Lieutenant, Michael Tracey


Venture Lieutenant Michael Tracey

Michael has been an enthusiastic member of the Asheville Pathfinder lodge since his first PFS game winter of 2012-13.  As a seasoned role-player, dating back to when he was under the age printed on the D&D box, Michael took to the episodic nature of PFS and never stopped running scenarios.

  • Favorite Scenario to run: Sewer dragons of Absalom.
  • Favorite tactic he’s hypocritical about:  Familiar casts Ill Omen, then your witch casts <insert nasty spell>.  Great for playing bonekeep, but not at his table (please?)

When not playing or running Pathfinder, Michael is a proud father of a ★★★★★ PFS GM and enjoys photography.  For a day job, he does some obscure task that involves complicated things with a computer.

Appalachian Pathfinder Lodge Venture Agent Steve Johnson

Steve started his RPG journey many years ago in the sixth grade with his first being Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Palladium Books. Over the years he tried other genres and systems, like Robotech, Dungeons and Dragons, Living Greyhawk, Dungeon Crawl Classics and Pathfinder.
He was introduced to Pathfinder Society back in January 2012 at SCARAB in Columbia, SC. He played Adventure Paths and Society games off and on for a couple more years until he began to organize weekly PFS games at Gamer’s Paradise in October 2014. He officially became a Venture-Agent for the store in January 2016 and finally earned his fourth GM star in February 2017. He also organizes the mini-convention VrockCon.
  • Favorite Scenario: School of Spirits
  • Favorite Module: Crypt of the Everflame
  • Favorite d20 in Use: Glittered gold with white lettering
In the real world, Steve is married with children and works for a financial institution.