Memorial Day Weekend, 2017, the Asheville Pathfinder Lodge plans on running tables of both Eyes of the Ten and the new All for Immortality series. We will try to rent conference rooms around the downtown area for the weekend, and meet for beers and dinner with the other tables at downtown eateries at least once a day. If you are interested, gather your group together and let us know so we can find GMs!

We will not be seating individual folks at tables, instead we need the players to self-muster into groups of 5 or 6 players, and sign up together on this form. We will then hunt down a local GM to run your table. So far, Caedmon Tracey., Michael Tracey, Bryan Martin and John Lance have showed interest in running these tables. There may be a small fee per player to cover the cost of rental space, and you’ll need to provide your own food budget.

When you have your team together, sign up!