Evergreens & Beer 3!

Join us for a 3 day con at the Moonshine Creek Campground (just a mile from the Blue Ridge Parkway) in Western NC that incorporates gaming, grilling, campfires, and BEER! While there are many PFS & SFS replayable scenarios featured, there are other options as well. This event is run with the support of many local breweries, and each year we host a special with a few extra…”rules”. However, we are family friendly and accommodate those who enjoy alcohol free gaming also. More details on the Warhorn Page.

Summer Module Series, 2015

Biweekly throughout the Summer up till GenCon, opposite the normal Grand Lodge weekends, we are going to be offering a special series of Modules for your enjoyment at the Wyvern’s Tale.  Seating is limited, as we are only running one game a slot, so sign up early and beat the summer heat with some swords and sorcery at the Wyvern’s Tale from 12:00 – 6:00 on select Sundays: Sunday, May 31  – GM: Michael Tracey – As far down Emerald Spire as the party can make it:  Bring  a new first level character (or two, that first level is a doozy!), […]