So long and Thanks for all the Cards.

Jake Dodd has resigned from his post as Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Venture Lieutenant for the Asheville region. Thanks, Jake, for all your hard work getting the card game off the ground in the Asheville Area.  Your efforts are appreciated and will be missed.

Free RPG Day, 2015

Save the Date, Free RPG Day 2015 is on June 20th, and we will be running… Tables and Tables of  the new We be Goblins special, “We Be Goblins Free”.  As this is a shared event with other games at the Wyvern’s Tale, we will be using the Wyvern’s Tale Warhorn instead of our own. for this event (and this event only).  Other PFS events before and after will use our usual Warhorn.

Faction Journal Cards!

If you haven’t had a chance to read up on John Compton’s blog post over on Paizo, take a moment to do so now.  Big changes to the factions!  We will attempt to have high quality printouts (on cardstock) of the new factions journal cards at all of our events, free of charge for you to pick up and use. All of our GMs are ready to tick off your completed missions at the end of the session along with the other paperwork.  Remember, bring your faction card, and complete some missions for the glory of you faction! If you […]