And Scarefest 2014 has come to an end … :(

So I wanted to take a moment to thank all the folks who worked their butts off to put together an excellent convention this weekend. Many many kudos to Michael Tracey and James Becker, as well as to all of the folks who stepped up to GM tables and to all the players who attended. And a very special shout out to our hosts at the Wyvern’s Tale, Deklan and Kent. The convention was a definite success (you know, based off of overheard comments such as “… better than the first GeekOut at the Renaissance …” , “… had a great time all weekend …”, and folks saying they are already looking forward to next year). We are planning on having next year be bigger and better … but that is still a year away. 🙁

But have no fear, for there will be continuing gaming goodness every APL weekend at the Wyvern’s Tale!

There will also be SCARAB in Columbia SC in January (I personally would recommend this one … not only is it very affordable as well as a really good gaming convention, Del Collins who puts it together every year  also helps support the APL’s convention endeavors by coming up to help run tables).

MACE West is coming back to Asheville this upcoming March (they have not yet updated the official MACE West page, but the dates are listed down on the home page).

A probable surprise this summer (nope, no spoilers).

Our friends in Knoxville are also hosting a convention in the near future (I am completely spacing on the dates, but will update with a link or dates as soon as I find them again).

And there is ConCarolinas at the end of May down near Charlotte.

There will be gaming EVERYWHERE through 2015!!

So if you have not done so already, head over the APL Facebook page and share the most epic thing you experienced during Scarefest?

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