City of Strangers part 2 – The Two-Fold Demise (June 6, 2014)


What’s behind the screen?

A powerful local gang in Kaer Maga demands that you end the threat of the Shadow Lodge at once as the Lodge’s very existence upsets the delicate local balance of power. Refusal means both the expulsion of the Pathfinder Society from Kaer Maga forever and your untimely deaths. The choice is yours.

The Party(Playing 1-2):

  • Nissen – ┬áHuman Rogue
  • Ianhouse – Human Sorcerer
  • Artimes – Dwarven Cleric of Torag
  • Biern – Human Fighter
  • Polly – Gnome Bard

The Good:

  • Nissen discovered the true nature of Dakar, head of the Commerce League, at the start of the adventure!
  • A two hour combat v/s 4 level 1 npc’s!
  • An almost mano-a-mano casting competition between Ianhouse and the npc wizard.
  • Biern learned of the pain of shocking grasp!
  • Excellent use by the party of Sleep and Grease in tight quarters!
  • Kaer Maga!!! Lots of fun fun fun NPC’s to meet and greet!

The Bad:

  • The first combat took 2 hours! Granted, poor initiative/perception rolls, better tactical positioning, splitting the party, and the difficult terrain made it more challenging.
  • Running out of time an encounter had to be skipped ­čÖü

Playing this at GeekOut with a mix of experienced players and new made for a good time. It’s one of my favorite scenarios, and definitely Kaer Maga is the best city to visit in PFS play! ┬áSome other good scenarios that also go there are City of Strangers Part 1 (Season 1, levels 1-7), The Stranger Within (Season 5, levels 5-9), and the module The Godsmouth Heracy (Level 1-2)

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