The Goblinblood Dead (April 4, 2014, Friday night)


Straight from Spook City, representing the Nothing!

A Sczarni caravan route through the Chitterwood needs protecting, as recent attacks have disrupted reputable and disreputable trading! VC Drandle Dreng sends the party to discover who is behind the attacks and put an end to the interruption in business.

The Party (playing at tier 1-2)

  • Bodhi – Aasamir Oracle surfer bro.
  • Kalila – Rakshaka Sorceress with mind controlling powers
  • Selden – Human Cleric of Desna
  • Gorak – Aspiring Hellknight half-orc


  • Petting the talking puppy
  • Negotiating caravan guards to accompany the party into danger with amazing bluff/diplomacy checks.
  • A 15 round combat in mists against an army of skeletons
  • Greatsword fighter minimum damage v/s skeletons = 1 hit KO, after DR!


  • Length of the game: Start to finish 2.5 hours!
  • Lots of ambushes and enemies fleeing to get reinforcements, causing multiple encounters to happen at once!
  • Attack of the pits and explosions!

Rules reminder: dealing 0 or less points of lethal damage will do 1 point of non-lethal damage.

Even with the shortened time, the party successfully stopped the attacks on the Sczarni caravans, earning full prestige! With the extra time, characters audits for all!


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