The Beggar’s Pearl (April 12, 2014, Saturday night)

glowing relief of the door from Lord of the Rings, Mines of Moria

What is it with dwarves and doors, anyway?

VC Brackett sends the party into the Aspodell Mountains with recovered items stolen from a dwarf named Torvic. The party is to return the items to Torvic and, if possible, negotiate access to the famous dwarven forge, the Gallery of Wonders.

The Party (playing in Tier 3-4)

  • Seldon Severies, hippie cleric of Desna
  • Gaeldriel, elven ranger with a longbow
  • Gorak, orcish Hellknight-to-be
  • Kobbi, teller of Osiriani tales
  • Mihr, Aasimar defender of the innocent


  • Seldon hits with his morningstar for the first time in his life
  • Gaeldriel puts those cold iron arrows to use!
  • Kobbi’s adamantine rapier is costly, but well worth it
  • Mihr’s Smite Evil makes up for the Protection from Good spell
  • Gorak shows off that hellplate
  • Pre-printed maps make the GM’s life infinitely easier. Thanks, Venture-Captain!


  • High will saves, bonuses against fear, and still over half the party is paralyzed with fear or sent running to the hills
  • What’s behind curtain #2? Sneak attacks, falchions and poison, apparently. Gael will be more careful in the future!
  • PTSD Dwarves
  • Stalemate results in a very unsatisfying final encounter

Rules Reminder: Abilities such as Smite Evil which bypass DR, or weapon types that can bypass lower DR, are not the same as having a weapon of the type needed. Just because you can get past DR does not mean there aren’t other defensive abilities active!

A season 1 dungeon crawl, the party’s first mid-tier scenario, nightmarish fey creatures and traumatized dwarves all lead up to a climax which the players described as “the thing I want to kill more than anything else I have ever fought.” Remember to come prepared for mid-tier and higher!

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