Welcoming our newest 1 Star GM: Donald Kidd

Donald Kidd

At 53, Don is probably the oldest gamer at the Asheville Pathfinder Lodge but he thinks and acts like he is still in his 20’s. He remembers well his first game of Basic D&D in 1977 and two years later was running AD&D First Edition in college and attended his first GENCON in 1981.

Hailing from Texas orginally, Don moved to Charlotte, NC in 1985 to work for Entertainment Concepts Inc. as the official AD&D person since they had been licensed by TSR to run the AD&D Play By Mail (pre-Internet days folks, the PC was only 4 years old). Unfortunately, Play By Mail or PBM was in its last days and he soon went on to other things. Still actively role playing, he gave up D&D and moved over to GURPS and Tabletop Wargaming. Then he got ‘responsible’ and stopped playing games altogether for a few years before coming back to wargaming.

In May 2011, Don got a job offer in the Asheville area, a place he had visited regular and always wanted to live since first moving to North Carolina. However, the only people he hung out with were his co- workers and while some of them were fun to be around they weren’t gamers. Remembering his glory days of SCA and role playing games he tried the SCA again in 2013 but it didn’t quite fulfil the need in his soul of battle and glory plus there were the politics.

In December 2013, he was shopping at Barnes and Nobles for Christmas presents for his roommates children and wandered through the RPG aisle. Browsing through the books, he had heard that D&D 3.5 was better than 4 but he also saw that WOTC had reprints of Second Edition and was trying to decide which one to get when he saw Pathfinder. Looking through the core rule book, he realized this was D&D with a new name. Confused, he didn’t buy anything and called a friend of his who still played in Charlotte. Found out he was running Pathfinder but not in the official Pathfinder Society.

Don decided, if I can find someone in Asheville playing it, I will buy it otherwise its 3.5. Put in two words in google, Asheville and Pathfinder and found the APL facebook page and played his first game on Friday, Dec 13th, Mist of Mawangi gm’d by Steve Leeson. Hearing about the upcoming Scarab, Don went there and played all weekend. Afterwards, he realized he really wanted to GM again and talked with the VC about it.

January 24th GM’d his first game and received his first GM star (10 Games) on March 14. Always willing to help out, he me the now VC of Knoxville at Scarab and has been going their regularly on Sundays to help GM at their Lodge.

  • Favorite Scenario: So far – Library of the Lion
  • Favorite Thing To Say: “Pun Intended” even if there wasn’t one …
  • Pet Peeve: Rule Lawyers and anything else that interupts the flow of the story when I play or GM.

When not playing, Don is a database and data analyst guru for a company that designs and installs roboticized conveyor picking systems in the beverage distribution industry. Currently single, he hopes to find his special gamer girl one day.

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