The Many Fortunes of Grandmaster Torch (March 14, 2014, Friday night)

In Sedaq, VC Yasmin Kal’al tasks the group with a simple recovery mission – find four Osirian artifacts taken by the smuggler Matzal Chaim.

The party, playing 6-7 sub-tier

  • Skaggi – Barbarian pregen – smash first, talk later.
  • Shezeera, tiefling alchemist with lots of knowledge skills
  • Juggernaut, dhampir barbarian with a vicious bite attack
  • Steve, human Hellknight – think Judge Dredd.
  • Eavon, musket wielding gunslinger representing the Grand Lodge
  • Aziza, helpful human cleric of Desna wielding a longspear
  • Velik, Szarni sorcerer who tends to cast first and ask questions later


  • Dragons!!!many_fortunes  Well, not exactly dragons, but they were the largest mini’s I had to represent what was actually there!
  • Chase Scenes without the chase rules! Lot of Benny Hill moments. Low movement speed is a true hinderance.
  • The appearance of Grandmaster Torch and these brave pathfinders now owing him a “favor, to be redeemed at a future date.” Grandmaster Torch goes on to…… well, I can’t spoil that for you, go play more to find out!
  • Rescuing a merchant only to have him believe the Pathfinders are now his “protection agency” to pay


  • Only earning 1 prestige and lower gold by party choices. Sometimes being nice has a cost.
  • Close to needing an atonement… watch those choices with civilians!
  • Non-challenging combat encounters (also due to DM dice not rolling above a 8 for most of the game!), but interesting optional encounters discovered by the group!

All in all, a fun time was had by all, even if the modus operandi was to shoot first and question later. If you’ve played this before and need a follow-up, try Delirium’s Tangle to continue with Torch’s storyline!

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