The Darkest Vengeance (March 28, 2014 Friday night)


Please sit and play a tune. Nothing will go wrong!

Sent to investigate a new Pathfinder Lodge that has gone silent, the party finds themselves mixed in Ustalavic family power struggles while exploring the darklands.

The Party, playing at tier 1-2

  • Dexter – an inquisitor of Norgorber, the god of Murder!
  • Willow – A Suli¬†Undine musket-wielder.
  • Alderc – a wiley sorcerer with multiple tricks up his sleeves
  • Gorak – a half-orc fighter aspiring to be a Hellknight
  • Dumon – Quadaran Taldan¬†merchant specializing in Osarian antiquities!


  • Surviving! This is a deadly scenario, particularly for all 1st level PCs
  • Best use of color spray ever against a swarm!
  • The Pipe-organ and creepy children!
  • Subduing the darklands creature, disabling it while blind.


  • Almost losing 3 characters in the final combat! Deeper Darkness + Fireball is deadly at 1st level!
  • First attack against the party was a confirmed critical, knocking the Sorcerer out in the player’s first pfs game!
  • The Inquisitor failing every nonleathal damage attack attempted. Karma for worshiping the god of murder!
  • Not being able to get a replica of the device on the chronicle sheet!

A good, creepy scenario that has a mix of rp and combat encounters. A good time for gm and players!

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