Refuge of Time recap (March 1, 2014, afternoon session)

VC Heidmarch dispatches a group of pathfinders to the Wyvern Mountains, just east of Kaer Maga to investigate a rumor of activity from the cult of Lissala. This Scenario was skillfully run by Joseph.

 The party:

  • Taishi-Ci, an often confused, mis-identifying creatures as demons, demon-hunting aasimar(monk/inquisitor)
  • Boris, bull-rushing, tripping fighter who still follows the Shadow Lodge(barbarian/fighter)
  • Antimony, scientist by day and devil at night. (barbarian/alchemist)
  • Olivia, arcane caster extraordinaire with spells and bombs aplenty! (wizard/alchemist)
  • Rev’rand, holy disciple of the Old Ones (life oracle)


  • An invisible protector draws a line in the sand “to not cross!”, and Boris promptly bull-rushes the protector across the line.
  • The protector turns out to be an angel who surrenders to the group. The angle seems to not be willing to let the group pass without resuming the battle. During debate,Taishi becomes impatient and shoots a flurry of blunt arrows to knock out the angel.
  • Olivia used Ice Spears to great effect, preventing a cavalier from charging the group!
  • Fighting storm troopers!!!
  • Rev’rand rushing into a fog cloud to grapple the nemesis spellcaster!


Mooks as Stormtroopers

Mooks as Stormtroopers

  • Fighting storm troopers!!! As in the movies, they may be good off-screen at hitting targets, but when given face time they perform less admirably
  • First time I’ve seen a complete party with darkvision and the group tried to use the darkness spell to make it an advantage, alas the enemies also used darkvision.
  • Attonements abound for the party, but for a good cause!

The Lissalan cultist were stopped and a great time was had by all. Joseph did a good job GM’ing and I’m looking forward to playing in his games in the future!

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