Rats of Round Mountain Part 1 and 2 (March 15, 2014, all day) 1

Aram Zay sends a group of pathfinders into the Hao Jin Tapestry to make diplomatic contact with a group of ratfolk in Round Mountain, a powerful clan whose power stretches far across the tapestry. Also, intelligence reports that the Aspis Consortium are trying to do the same – so stop those agents  from making their own agreements with the ratfolk. These scenarios were run by Michael.

Part 1 Party (playing 7-8 tier):

  • Taishi-Ci, an often confused, mis-identifying creatures as demons, demon-hunting aasimar
  • Butyl, cleric of Torag and voice of reason for the party
  • Antimony, scientist by day and beast by night
  • Shezeera, tiefling alchemist with lots of knowledge skills

Part 2 Party, same as above plus (playing 10-11 tier):

  • Lem, pregen bard who jumps into danger
  • ShadowHawk, a walking Sherman tank


  • Negotiating successfully with the guards to gain safe passage into Round Mountain and the Pagoda.
  • Butyl’s well timed dismissal and plane shift that sent away many powerful adversaries.
  • Dealing 150+ damage to the final boss with a flurry of arrows.
  • Breath of Life saving Sheezera!

    Shezeera is about to die!

    Shezeera is about to die!

  • Trying to keep a ratfolk henchmen by hiding him in a handy haversack.
  • Shadowhawk resisting dominate person by realizing that it has a 1 round casting time, giving the party time to take out the caster before he became dominated!


  • Discovering just how much of a prick Aram Zey is when he teleports two new pathfinders directly to the Pagoda of the Rat when the first group had to travel for days.
  • Diplomatically resolving the final encounter in Part 1, only to suffer later for that decision.

    Ok party, group up in lightning bolt formation!

    Ok party, group up in lightning bolt formation!

  • Using 2 full wands of cure light wounds, and two party members not having self curing. Come prepared at higher tier!
  • Sheezera dying to a claw-claw-rend attack!
  • Not being able to get a ratfolk henchmen at the end of the scenario. They are just adorable.
  • Debate on how multiple deeper darkness works when casting order goes: deeper darkness, daylight, then deeper darkness again. Maybe a future lore article should be done for this!

All in all, a very dangerous set of scenarios with a good mix of role play and combat. Thanks Michael for running the games back to back!

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One thought on “Rats of Round Mountain Part 1 and 2 (March 15, 2014, all day)

  • John Lance

    Yeah, I jumped in for part 2 with the pre-gen Bard, kind of wished I had been there for part 1, if for no other reason than I could have helped out with the healing (pre-gens are great for burning wands, potions and other knick-knacks you didn’t pay for.) Good job on the GM’s part on making it a challenging but not overly deadly night and getting it all wrapped up before 10:30 PM (I went on Paizo.com and apparently everyone says this session takes well over 4 hours to play, even for experienced groups.)

    I would definitely recommend the Part 2 to anyone in the Asheville Lodge.