King Xeros of Old Azlant recap (March 1, 2014, morning session)

VC Adril Hestram sends a group of pathfinders on a mission to board a mysterous crystal ship that appeared in the harbor in Absalom. The group is tasked to explore the King Xeros and discover whatever mysteries this “ghost ship from the great beyond” may hold!

The party:

  • Boris, the bull-rushing, tripping fighter who still follows the Shadow Lodge(barbarian/fighter)
  • Antimony, a nerdy scientist by day, a tentacle monster by night!
  • Olivia, arcane caster extraordinaire with spells and bombs aplenty! (wizard/alchemist)
  • Adam, (barbarian) a drunken rager that can hit like a truck.
  • Butyl, cleric of Torag and voice of reason for the party.
  • Willy, summoning druid with animal companion, Snap the gator!


  • Olivia trapping a crystal construct in a pit on the deck
  • Adam and Boris alternating turns being a punching bag for flame turrets and a golem
  • Olivia dealing lots of damage throwing bombs at creatures that appeared out of nowhere!
  • Antimony, taking out the leader of the creatures with an overkill of attacks!
  • Snap and Willy reversing roles, with Snap taking time being anthropomorphic and Willy changing into a gator.


  • Boris, going from full hp to -15 with a 16 con in two rounds!
  • GM: getting to roll 40 attacks in a single round!
  • Splitting the group on opposite sides of a barrier while facing an incorporeal creature
  • Butyl activating the ship and releasing a monster which the party couldn’t identify. By using diplomacy it escaped!

The party discovered the secrets of the ship, destroying the entities inhabiting the boat and activating the ship’s autopilot mechanism, rescuing the harbor patrol and sending the vessel back to the great beyond.


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