Tide of Twilight recap (Feb 28, 2014 – Friday night)

Four brave adventurers, called by VC Brackett, travel to the Veduran Forest to investigate information from the lorestone. A cabal of druids have started a ritual to transform humanoids into feral creatures.

The party:

  • Wyra, a witch/bard hailing representing Taldor.
  • Gore, a half-orc fighter with aspirations to become a Hellknight.
  • Alexander, an Andoran rogue wearing a tricorn hat, obviously some sort of captain.
  • Rostnbhar, an alchemist companion of Wyra, also from Taldor.


  • Gore becoming a feral half-wolf, causing a lycanthrope hunter to attack the party.
  • Wyra, running by said hunter screaming that “I’m being chased! Please help!”
  • Alexander, after an epic standoff, he grabbed the Alturistic Splinter and ran away!
  • Rostnbhar, becoming a half-bear and blowing up a crocodile with a well-placed bomb.
  • Making friends with a fey creature and using her innate spell casting to aid the group.


  • A fire, represented by hersey’s kisses,  got slightly out of control (see picture.) However, cleanup was yummy!
  • TPK: the encounter with the ************** wiped out the entire party. Alexander almost escaped, but couldn’t run fast enough!

Interesting Rules Note:

  • Remember, Infernal Healing does not heal damage done by silver weapons.

Unfortunately – while the game ended in a TPK, the group had a good time and all players are plotting their revenge against the druids in the Taldorian forest!


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