Join us at MACE West: Reason #2 – Protect the Diamond City!

If you haven’t heard, MACE West is coming up.  Our lodge is hosting over 50 tables of Pathfinder Society play, right here in Asheville.  There will be 9 tables (Yes folks, 9 tables) of PFS running in every slot, all weekend.

But the one thing we would suggest you don’t miss is the “Big Game” on Saturday Night.  We will have 7 tables simultaneously playing Siege of the Diamond City.  This can only be run  at conventions with enough tables, so don’t miss this chance to play it without having to leave Asheville.  You will actually get to defend Nerosyan from a demon invasion, and all the tables work collaboratively together (affecting each-other). Each table has the potential to turn the tide of battle.  Come out and join us, and find out how Season 5 starts.

If you’ve never been to a convention, this one is local, inexpensive, and we are putting our best into it to give you a great experience.  Weekend passes and Day Passes available.

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