One of the many reasons to come to MACE West 2014: BoneKeep!

We finally have a full fledged gaming convention right here in Asheville: Bonekeep! Bonekeep 1 and 2 are Pathfinder Society specials only offered at select conventions with over 50 tables of gameplay. Bonekeep is different from a regular scenario; it is much harder, and the rewards are much greater. It rewards teamwork and punishes unprepared combatants. Bring your best character to Bonekeep 1 & 2, or play it safe and see how long you can survive with a pregen… either way, see how far you can delve into the mysterious keep.

We are offering Bonekeep for the first time ever in Asheville at Mace West. One of our experienced GMs, Christopher Hamilton will be taking one daring group through both bonekeeps.

Table space is limited, get your MACE West Tickets here to reserve your spot now.

More about Bonekeep here:
Part 1:
Part 2:

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